Monday, September 28, 2009

The Colors of ELECTION (english version)

Approximately 3 weeks already, the people of Indonesia Ürün rembug determine who their representatives in the legislature. Along the way the General Election Commission, Provincial Election Commission, Election Commission of Regency / City, KDP and KPPS preoccupied and distracted by a variety of issues surrounding the legislative elections after the implementation.

Indisputable complexity and the complexity of most issues unresolved, making the performance of the members of the Commission from the center to the area desperate and overwhelmed. About DPT, the manipulation of votes, a recapitulation of the chaotic, crime and so is the election mosaics embedded in the implementation of democratic intent of the 3rd post-reform and post 9 of this old order collapsed.

In addition to technical issues and electoral institutions, there is also a sad phenomenon that hit a number of legislative candidates who nevertheless became legislators. Stress, mental disorder, bankruptcy and some are real effects of the few people in power desire. And indeed such a democracy, the possibilities can happen to anyone. Pedicab driver so the legislator, or a businessman who is depressed because of the wealth is spent on the campaign does not automatically make people's elected representatives. So, we need to first concern, the general election, both to members of the Commission (central and local), we also need to prihatan with legislative candidates are not elected but have put all resources and efforts to achieve this goal. Let's pray together for the third concern.

In line with the bustle of the members of the Election Commission, the politicians began guerillas. Moving to maneuver after discovery or just a chance to predict how they won the general disappointing voice, or what opportunities they took power after this, with sound capital acquired.

With a pure multi-party system applied in Indonesia, far-fetched when an enduring power without a coalition founded. Fragmentation sound, causing the support of the parties is a requirement of a stable government and effective. Although no potential to cessation of the cabinet in the middle of the street, as if in a parliamentary system, but the absence of a coalition government would block or at least make all the policies developed by the government would become clogged and tends to partial, not systemic.

Political Silaturahmi made by many national figures, all on behalf of the people and democracy. There is talk about the possibility of a coalition government will be the future, some are questioning the chaotic election, many election fraud in anticipation of even the possibility of similar events appear in the upcoming presidential election.

In spite of it all, the moral lessons that should be taken is to ensure that everything that happens should be addressed to the wise and cool heads. No need to be disappointed with the things that happen to us. Candidates we lose, we lose the parties, or even our own who lost the general election yesterday. That is something normal. Democracy is like a game, some win some lose.

So do not be surprised with all that, let alone unnecessary frustration suicide. Remember a byword that "not everything we want, we can get". Or when we think the world is not fair, remember also byword "life is never fair to anyone".

Only a great soul who can receive state of the worst, with many sacrifices, time and cost have been issued before the general election, should Legowo harvested with the results. Whoever it.

The last thing is to contemplate and personal correction, and realize fully that we only really planned, and God is really decisive.

Cirebon, 28 April 2009 (rewrite Bandung, 28 September 2009)

Kang Mpeb

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